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Moving to another place can be a major decision in one persons' life. There are a lot of things that need to be considered to finally come up to terms as to where you might place your new home. There are a lot of beautiful cities in Florida, but I've never regretted the fact that I chose Jacksonville to be my current hometown. Believe me. I did my homework and did many kinds of research to go with this decision finally.

If you're thinking of escaping to the Sunshine State, you're in good luck as I have compiled some excellent tips and information that one might need before deciding to move to Jacksonville, FL.

Enjoy lovely neighborhoods.

Jacksonville is the home to over 500 areas that would suit your lifestyle and your needs. Most neighborhoods also have some whole communities which can include gyms, shopping centers, and schools. It's pretty convenient as you don't need to travel out that much to reach your destinations. If you have a family, it's relevant for your kids to have a quality education from a school that's within your grasp.

Warm and sunny climate for all.

Expect the weather in Jacksonville to be a humid and tropical climate. Being a part of the Sunshine State, one can expect warm weather all year round. That means you can wear your favorite summer apparel almost every day. Imagine yourself wearing flip flop and shorts even on New Year's Eve! You might not get used to the heat, but one thing that's great about Jacksonville is, beaches are just a drive away, and you can enjoy the cold waters. However, just because you can enjoy more sunny days, don't give away all your winter coats as there can be some hard freezes during winter nights.

Affordable cost of living.

If you're worried about spending too much in Jacksonville, you don't need to worry as the cost of living is affordable in contrast to other larger cities. You may send approximately $4000 a month for an average family, and housing rates are surprisingly lower than your expectations.

Get a good-paying job.

Jacksonville has various industries that would give you a decent job if you choose to stay here. Explore industries in art, music, entertainment, financial services, consumer goods and much more. The unemployment rate is below the national average so, that means more good news for a possible relocation. If you're budding artist, Jacksonville can be a perfect place for you to hone your craft and build a small business.

Moving services in Jacksonville.

Ready to go? There are able Jacksonville moving companies that would help you settle in without any worries. Whether you're moving across the country or from another city in Florida, the best apartment movers Jacksonville, FL has to offer can give you a good start with a reasonable price. Before you start hiring a company, you need to run a background check or ask crucial questions that would help you score good people to hire. You can also check Jacksonville moving company reviews to make the right decision.

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The good weather offers us a perfect opportunity to behave in a more sustainable way than ever before, and it puts us on the table hundreds of fun, social and healthy options to enjoy to the maximum. In addition, most of them are totally free, while others have unreasonable cost. With all these ideas to do outdoors, you will not have time to get bored. Best of all, you can do them in the company of whoever you like.

Sports in the park

The urban parks, the beaches or the mountains are great places to do all kinds of sports. Even if you are not a lover of gyms and you have carried a practically sedentary life during the winter, you are sure to find an activity that will amuse and tone you at the same time. Combining these sports daily or several times a week will keep you in shape, you will feel much healthier and you will entertain taking full advantage of the low temperatures. The following is a list of activities you can do during these days:

Volleyball or beach volleyball. One of the favorite sports of summer, to play both on the beach and in the parks. You will only need a ball and a net, although if you do not have one you can build one yourself. In order not to get too hot, we recommend you to place yourself in the shade or make yourself with a cloth cap or hat. Guaranteed team fun!

Badminton or sports spades. With only two rackets and a ball, you will test your marksmanship and spend lazy afternoons as a couple or team. These sports are ideal for playing on the beach, although they have the disadvantage that if it is windy, it becomes more difficult to control the ball. In some parks, there are ping-pong tables made of stone.

Football. With just one ball, you can form teams and prepare a mini-league of summer with which you will surely amuse and tone your legs.

Skating. Surely in your city or in the town where you spend the holidays, you find many places where you can test your balance and become an expert of this fun sport that you can do alone or in company. In the walks, sports centers or on the walks near the bank of a river you will find all the space that you need to skate.

Slackline. It has become very fashionable.It tests your balance by walking on a tightrope, which you can tie between two trees. Suitable for children and adults, you will only need a little practice.

Relax in the park with yoga or taichi

Oriental relaxation and breathing exercises, such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, and other similar exercises have been shown to help us find physical and mental calmness, becoming great allies for personal development. Whether you already practice them or have never tried them, summer offers us a wonderful opportunity to put them into practice. You will not need more than a foam mattress or soft blanket to support you and a cassette or mp3 to listen to the exercises if you are not yet a professional and do not know the dynamics.

A relaxing massage or a manicure and pedicure

Is there anything more relaxing, pleasurable and economical than receiving a massage our loved ones? Lie down on the beach or park and ask your partner to help you relax your muscles and give you a few minutes of happiness with a massage on the back, on the face, on the feet or wherever you like. You will not need more than the sunscreen that you apply normally. The ideal to massage are essential oils, but in that case, you should place yourself in the shade, otherwise you could burn your skin. If you are amateurs in this art, with an mp3 and an audio course of relaxing massages, you can spend mornings and afternoons learning new techniques and practicing among you.  Aside from that, a manicure and pedicure is also a great way to pamper yourself. You can visit the nearest nail bar in your area. If you don’t know any then you can search on the web and simply type nail salons near me and you will be able to reflect a list of nail salons near you.

The magic of watching a kite fly

An activity that, although it requires a little practice, is to fly a kite. It seems a thing of the past, but it is not. You can build a nice kite and find the right place to fly it. Once you get it, you'll see how hypnotized you are by watching it in the air. A family-friendly activity that will amuse you both in the manual and creative process of designing the kite and when you spend the afternoon running around to see it fly.


One of the most sought health care by consumers today is chiropractic. In fact, even survivors and cancer patients seek from getting the best chiropractic care. Eighty-four percent of consumers has the aim to relieve pain, sleep better, improve mood and reduce stress through the chiropractic adjustment.

The purpose of chiropractic treatment is not only to relieve pain but to improve the quality of life by alleviating systemic problems related to muscles and the central nervous system. Given the benefits of chiropractic care being investigated, it is likely that you or someone you know could benefit from this essential care. Which many people add to the alternative health area. When you are in need of this adjustment, you can search online. You can find a lot of chiropractors online by typing the keyword “ chiropractor near me”.


Here are the top reasons you could benefit from getting a chiropractic care:

Better Sports Performance

Both athletes and non-athletes can benefit from chiropractic care in different types of sports. These specialized doctors focus on joints, and soft tissues, in addition to working directly with the spine, this work, in turn, reduces recovery time after injury and may even prevent injuries. Many athletes use chiropractic as pre-hab, like for instance, to stay healthy before they are injured. Included in these techniques are proper heating and cooling or "cool down". This is one of the reasons why all Major League Baseball and NFL American Football teams have a chiropractor at their side.

Reduces Headaches

Do you have frequent headaches? Do you think that headaches dramatically affect your health and your ability to maintain the lifestyle you want? Pressure or compression and neck movement can exacerbate the severity of headaches caused by the abnormal position of the head relative to the neck, such as when we bent or humped in front of the computer while we work. Chiropractic care can eliminate obstructions known as subluxations which can affect neck muscles, and thus cause headaches.

Stimulates the Immune System

The immune system interacts directly with the nervous system, which affects overall health. Again, obstructions with the pathways of communication between the nervous system and the immune system affect the ability to heal and regenerate tissues properly. Without the use of surgery or medications, chiropractic care eliminates these barriers so the body can adequately repair itself at a genetic level and stimulate the entire immune system.

Relieves Allergy and Asthma

Both chiropractors and parents of children suffering from allergies and asthma support the positive results of chiropractic treatment. Studies also support that chiropractic adjustments benefit patients simply because they can often reduce or even eliminate the use of medications. It has been reported that these fewer attacks of asthma and an overall decrease in symptoms of illnesses leads to a better quality of life.



Throughout the pregnancy, many women experience chronic back pain because of the distribution of weight changes in the pelvis and joints. Muscle pain and spasms may increase the likelihood that a pregnant woman will have difficulties during labor. Chiropractic treatment focuses on balancing the muscles, pelvis and ligaments during pregnancy to relieve pressure on the uterus. This treatment increases the chance that the child will be born through a good position (head down) which also reduces the risk of having a cesarean section. Seventy-two percent of women report seeking pain relief during pregnancy and delivery with chiropractic care.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Back pain affects more than 10% of the world's population and is the most common occupational injury in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In North America back pain is the # 6 contributor to increasing medical costs. Compared to conventional (medicine) practices, chiropractic care is inexpensive and improves whole body healing. Doctors in chiropractic also focus on education, which is critical to reducing injuries, disability, medication costs, and adverse side effects.

Improving Behavior and Learning

Chiropractic adjustments improve well-being and can help reduce ADHD-related hyperactivity and disruptive behaviors and learning, including also the autism spectrum. Evidence supports that chiropractic treatment puts the brain function of children and adults better off.

Reduce Dependence on Medications and Medical Interventions

Approximately 96% of people with low back pain may find relief without surgery. This could lead to a noticeable reduction of the costs used by more invasive processes or medicines. Chronic pain is on the rise. The first line of treatment for most individuals converted for pain relief involves medication. Thousands of people who use drugs such as acetaminophen and oxycodone have reported deaths that result directly from their use. Medications have horrible adverse side effects unlike chiropractic care, of which side effects are minimal.

Normalize Blood Pressure

Hypertension affects about 33% of Americans. Most of these individuals will use medications to control the disease. Chiropractic care can significantly control blood pressure. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to result in a decrease in both readings of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In fact, evidence shows that chiropractic care works more effectively in managing hypertension than two of the most commonly prescribed medications. Chiropractors focus on bone correction in the upper neck, which is so close to the brainstem that it can alter the regulation of pressure.

Jacksonville Beach


This is a very popular surfing spot. It is located near the Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. So if you are into surfing and wanted to go wild with the water, then this is a great beach for you. Moreover, if you are looking for a place that you can fully relax, have some family fun and do some different recreational activities then Jacksonville Beach is the perfect place for you to visit.

American Beach


This is a historic beach which is very popular with African-American vacationers. It is located north of Jacksonville, Florida on Amelia Island. During the Jim Crow era, African Americans were not allowed to swim at most of the beaches in Jacksonville. This beach was the largest and most popular. It was a community established by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, Florida's first black millionaire and president of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company. This beach was also a place of hope in an era of despair.

Ponte Vedra Beach


Ponte Vedra Beach is an unincorporated seaside community in St. Johns County, Florida and is located eighteen miles southeast of downtown Jacksonville and 26 miles north of St. Augustine. This beach has a beautiful shoreline for strolling, hunting shells, surfing and more. This beach area is very popular among upper-income tourists and golfers and home to the PGA Tour and The Players Championship. The beach’s sand dunes are some of Florida's highest. This beach is a great place for the entire family.

Neptune Beach


This beach is a beachfront city east of Jacksonville. It is famous because it has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. As you experience these amazing views up close, you won't believe your eyes. They are absolutely incredible! This beach offers so much more than just a beautiful stretch of the beach area. This coastal community also offers different boutiques, amazing restaurants and some oceanfront hotels that you can spend a relaxing night.

Atlantic Beach


Atlantic Beach attracts visitors from all over, especially surfers, beachcombers and cyclists. After visiting this the beach area, there are a lot of people who decide to either pack up and move here or will simply make it as their second home. Atlantic Beach has an amazing view so it is not surprising anymore if someone would want to experience this area as often as possible. The number of visitors coming to the beach is increasing every year because of its beauty.

Chiropractic care utilizes a similar doctrine, like the stretching of the muscles, now you can realize this through practicing Pilates from the comforts of your home. Ordinarily, chiropractic care for kids is painless, except in instances where the child has a serious condition. While it could be useful to a lot of patients, it may not be for everyone. It may be used in tandem with other types of medical treatment or alone and doesn't require using drugs. It might be utilized either alone or together with other kinds of medical treatment, and will not demand the utilization of medication. Chiropractic care can also offer benefits for women that are pregnant.

In the event you're among the numerous people struggling with back pain, you aren't alone. Back pain is among the most common conditions affecting adults today. If only it is possible to stick to these top suggestions to supervise your back pain when pregnant, and it's advisable to be attentive with your scoliosis prescription, which might occasionally induce congenital disabilities.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments delve deep to make it to the center of the matter, where patients receive care which helps fix the person's mind and body. It's essential to commence treatment at the very first potential so as to cease long-term, irreversible damage. Long-term treatment involves the usage of herbal medicines that have a mild laxative action.

Chiropractors have been correcting children's spines for at least 100 decades and have a superb safety record. A chiropractor utilizes sophisticated parts of medical equipment to accomplish his identification. After looking into the issue for quite a while, they will then explore doing treatment. Chiropractors in Jacksonville, FL attempt to fix the body's alignment to alleviate pain and boost function and to help the body cure itself.

Chiropractic approaches are likely to get the business done for you. Chiropractic is extremely affordable. Chiropractic is a scientific means to alleviate nerve irritation. Chiropractic is extremely safe, but you need zero reasons to be tied to a particular chiropractor for a long-term period unless your condition demands it. Chiropractic is a safe, natural method to take advantage of your potential for much better health. Chiropractic is a healthcare system which maintains that the structure of the human body, especially the spine, impacts the use of every portion of the body.

Everyone can gain from chiropractic. Chiropractic is famous all around the world. Chiropractic is among the safest healing arts. Chiropractic is the most efficient process to guarantee pain relief. Some folks even consider that naturopathy physicians do not have sufficient money, but it's an exact erroneous misconception. Most frequently think about a naturopathic doctor very much like the current doctor. However, there's an essential difference between both of them. Settling upon a physician for your general wellness care is a critical and necessary responsibility. The physician or nurse needs to be a certified wellness professional to prescribe chiropractic services. A chiropractic physician additionally has to know more regarding the family foundation.

A History of Chiropractic Care Refuted

Holistic care is as crucial for your critters because it's for you. Osteopathic Healthcare is among complete medical care systems on earth. Even when you are interested in enhancing your general wellbeing, our chiropractor can assist you to achieve your day-to-day wellness targets.

  • It has a large area of green space. It has a preserved land space which measures 111,00 acres to be exact. It holds the title with the largest urban parks system in the United States. When you are into nature and wanted to move in an area full of green, then Jacksonville is the place for you.
  • It is one of the cities in Florida where you can cruise. If you wanted a romantic getaway or a reconnection to the beauty of nature, then you can go for a day or night cruise. The number of tourist on a cruise is consistently increasing.


  • There is Jaxlive where you can witness live entertainment. There are a lot of famous celebrities that perform there like Colourside and Everclear to name a few. If you love watching live concerts then living in this city is a good choice.
  • It is a football town because of legendary players and coaches.
  • It is the largest city in Florida and in the continental US. The land space has a total of 874.3 square miles. With this, it is the largest city in the continental United States when it comes to land size.


  • The people in Jacksonville loves traditional and smooth jazz.
  • It has a huge beach community. Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Mayport, Neptune Beach, and parts of Point Vedra Beach make up the amazing beach community. This city widely known for its beaches.
  • It has a multicultural diversity. There are a lot of people coming from different countries. The city honors its multicultural diversity with a three-day World of Nations Celebration at Metropolitan Park. This is one of the reasons why Jacksonville has an increasing number of immigrants.


  • It has a lot of affordable dining places. There are a lot of restaurants that serves local ingredients of the highest quality with a chic and upscale décor. You can have an easy access to these fine dining and they are also known for outstanding customer service.
  • The food truck is common. These food trucks offer good quality food. They are accessible and affordable.


  • It has a fantastic  Light Show - On The Water. There is a yearly Light Boat Parade that illuminates the St. Johns River with a barrage of boats covered in lights.
  • It honors local and national veterans. It holds its own Veteran's Day Parade with thousand of crowds. The people exert their best effort to honor the people who proudly serviced the country.

Restaurant Orsay


Seasonal French food & creative cocktails meet in this dining room with plush seats & exposed beams.

Address: 3530 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 

Phone: +1 904-381-0909


“Fabulous Sunday Brunch”

The best restaurant in Jacksonville - great service, delicious food, excellent wine selection and well prepared cocktails. We typically dine here for dinner, but this week we visited for Sunday brunch. Everything on the menu is so good!  - Hadley Pauline

"Good French cuisine”

Finding an amazing French Restuarant in Jacksonville is not easy at all, Orsay is the best by a long shot. Their Biscuits and Gravy are perfect and so is the Smoked Salmong Confit with the creme fraiche, Ive always been given superb service when I have been for Lunch and Dinner, and will continue to return. -Johnnycok


Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant


Address: 1201 Riverplace Blvd, Inside Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jacksonville, FL

Phone: +1 904-396-6200


“A Classy and Elegant Experience”

We were treated as royals for our anniversary. A table set for two with rose petals and flowers. Dinner was wonderful and dessert was over the top. They signed our dessert plate with Happy Anniversary and took our picture. We really enjoyed the evening. Thank you. - kathi262016


I have visited many steakhouses in my travels, and the Jacksonville Ruth Chris is one of the best steak dinners that I have had. The food and service were excellent! - sgilbert38


Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant


Address: 4483 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL

Phone: +1 904-551-5920


“Good South American Steakhouse”

Nice meals in the South American steakhouse tradition. Enough meat to cause a bowel obstruction.....but all good, nicely prepared, and nicely served. The salad bar was also very well done with lots of options and something for everyone. - RickMIusa

“Meat lovers paradise”

The service was great, the waiters were very attentive to all our needs, ALWAYS checking to see if we needed water, or more meats - Celeste R


The Capital Grille Restaurant


Address: 5197 Big Island Dr, St. Johns Towne Center, Jacksonville FL

Phone: +1 904-997-9233


“Outstanding food and service”

The steak and sides were excellent. the coconut cream pie was "to die for". The service was outstanding - Henry F

"Wonderful fine dining”

A truly wonderful fine dining experience. Top notch food, service atmosphere and drinks. The bone in filet mignon was fabulous, the sides were great and the wine list terrific. Service was exceptional and decor was perfect. - sanford1


Marker 32 Restaurant


Address: 14549 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL

Phone: +1 904-223-1534

“Super accommodating!”

We are on a special diet & we were concerned that we would struggle with fine dining. They altered the meal to fit our diet by substituting a romaine salad instead of the sides that went with our meal & cooked our meats perfectly without adding butter or sauces. Delicious! -  Karla A

*All reviews are from